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In recent years, hobbyists, filmmakers, and technology enthusiasts have spiked interest in drones. Since drones have come to the commercial market, access to purchasing one has become incredibly easy. From stores like Best Buy to internet retailers, buying a drone can be as simple as pushing a button.

What’s not simple is deciding what drone is the best. With so many options, how are you supposed to know what is the best? With relentless research, I present to you the three best drones that you can purchase

DJI Phantom 4

One of the most popular options for drone enthusiast is the DJI Phantom 4. The Phantom is said to have one of the best cameras available. It can capture images in 12 megapixels that can be saved in multiple formats such as, JPG, RAW, DNG, RAW, and +JPG.

The camera can also record 4k video at 30 fps and 1080 video at 48, 50, 60, and 120 fps. Another feature that is helpful is the gimbal stabilization technology which helps to level out the camera to avoid any shaky camerawork. Video footage is clean and smooth. Ben Popper of The Verge states that the Phantom is “like a tripod in the sky.”  

DJI Mavic Pro

Drew Prindle of Digital Trends described DJI Mavic Pro as one of the most portables and featured pack drones that are available on the market. Its portability is one of the most desired features of all. The Mavic has foldable arms that can compress the machine down to about the size of a water bottle. Not only does that drone have the ability to become more compact but as does the controller, which when folded up is about the size of a walkie-talkie.  

Like said previously, the Mavic offers a ton of great features. In the drone, the camera can record 4k video at 30fps or 1080p video at 96fps. While in the air you can also capture still of the scenery with a 12-megapixel camera.

The Mavic also offers a new OcuSync transmission system which extends the drone range to over 4 miles and can reach speeds up to 40 mph. The drone also has one of the longest battery lives when compared to other quadcopters. If you fly the device at optimum speed, then you are looking up to 27 minutes of battery life.

DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 is a hit with filmmakers. Although it is one of the heaviest, weighing in at about 7 pounds, and most expensive its quality surpasses the initial negatives. While most drones only have a 12-megapixel camera, the Inspire’s camera reaches to 20 megapixels. Inspire can record video in 5.2K at 30fps as well as 4K at 60fps.

It contains special features such as a dual battery set up which means more power, a longer flight time, and a lesser chance of battery malfunctions. Another feature that is highly desirable is the forward-facing FPV camera. The forward-facing FPV camera allows the pilot of the drone to fly in one direction while recording footage from another direction.

After reading these three options, I hope you take my advice and invest in one of these three high-quality drones. Good luck with your future drone buying endeavors!