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Jeremy Felder

Jeremy Felder standing in front of a helicopter

As an entrepreneurial-spirited innovator in the corporate world, Jeremy Felder is always up for a new challenge — be it directing day-to-day business processes or designing software solutions for an effective lean process. This attitude defines his professional role as a business management consultant in Fairfield, New Jersey. Jeremy also brings the same vigor to his personal interests, which range from reading to flying radio-controlled (RC) models, to fine-tuning his skills in photography and video editing. 

Given his career path, it should come as no surprise that Jeremy loves to follow emerging technologies. The sweeping influence of tech on today’s world cannot be overstated; whether interested in business or recreation (or both), you can find tech at the core of most innovative practices. Jeremy created this blog in part to share some of those practices, covering everything from space travel to self-driving cars.

This mindset is also why RC hobbies — especially flying drones — appeal to Jeremy so much. Satisfying both his interest in tech and his affliction for flight, RC hobbies are the perfect outlet for Jeremy in his free time. He is also interested in rocketry, helicopters, and planes.

Keep up with this blog for Jeremy Felder’s insights, stories, and photos of the personal passions that drive him. In addition to RC and tech, he’ll share his favorite experiences with music, literature, fishing and other sports, funny moments in day-to-day life, and more! To get started, please visit his Blog page and/ or his Gallery page, where he shares highlights from trips he’s taken around the world.

More About Jeremy

Jeremy Felder is a member of ACA International (ACA) and is certified/credentialed by the ACA as a CCCO (certified Credit and Collections Compliance Officer), PCS (Professional Collection Specialist), and ACA International Scholar. In addition to his corporate work at Chase Receivables, Jeremy does volunteer work for an international nonprofit organization called S4 Infinity.

Prior to his time as a business management consultant, Jeremy was the Owner and Operator of Critical Response Training Associates. He also previously founded a snack product distribution startup and has experience as the Administrator of a boutique, multi-practice litigation firm.

Jeremy earned his Associate’s Degree from Ocean County College in Toms River, New Jersey, and his Bachelor of Science from Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama. He then earned his Master of Science from Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio and was later accepted to William Mitchell School of Law in Minnesota – the nation’s first Hybrid (OSOL) Law Program.